Fast Cash Online Loans FAQs from Northern Plains Funding

At Northern Plains Funding, we want to make it as easy and hassle-free as possible for you to get the cash you need by tomorrow. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the FAQs below, contact us at 888-NORTH99 (888-667-8499) or via email at and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Fast Cash Online Loans FAQs

What is a fast cash loan?

A fast cash loan is a loan that gets paid back according to a fixed payment schedule. This means you pay a certain amount each payment. Each payment you make covers fees accrued and depending on the loan product selected, you begin reducing principal immediately. NPF’s fast cash loans give you the flexibility to pay over time instead of paying back everything that’s owed at once. In addition, the loan can be paid back at any time without ANY prepayment penalty.

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What are the qualifications to be eligible for a loan online?

To get approved you will need:

  • A job or other regular source of income
  • A valid bank account in good standing (prior derogatory actions on your account may not disqualify you)
  • A valid email address and phone number
  • You must be least 21 years old

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How much can I borrow?

If this is your first time getting a loan through Northern Plains Funding, you can qualify to receive up to $1000. Returning customers that remain in good standing and after certain successful payments can qualify for up to $2,500. The minimum loan amount is always $200. See Rates for additional information.

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What happens if I have bad credit?

Northern Plains Funding understands that you may have had credit troubles in the past. Our fast cash loans are meant to service a wide-range of borrowers. Our goal is to help borrowers get the money they need, especially when others lenders won’t. We are here for you.

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How long will the process take?

The application process is fast and easy and is generally completed in ten minutes or less. There is usually no need to fax any documents or meet with a lending agent in person. The fast cash application is completed in full online.

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Why do you need my bank account information?

We need your bank account information to be able to give you your loan. When you are approved for a Northern Plains Funding fast cash loan, we send your money to you directly.

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How will I know when my application is approved?

One of our Loan Managers will contact you and/or you will receive an email notification to complete the application process. If you are denied with us, you will receive a notification.

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How quickly will I get my money?

If your application is approved and verified, we can electronically deposit your loan proceeds into your account in as little one day. The time may vary depending on your banks transfer policies. Same-day wire transfer is available on any business day prior to 4:30 PM (EST) if you need to get your money sooner.

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How much does my loan cost?

Please see our Rates page.

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How do I make payments on my loan?

Payments are typically automatically deducted electronically from the same bank account where your loan was deposited. No hassle, no stamps… we try to make repaying your loans as convenient as possible. If you prefer not to use an electronic method, other you may pay by cashier’s check or money order by mailing payment to Northern Plains Funding, LLC, PO Box 516, Hays, MT 59527. Checks and money orders must be received by us no later than the scheduled due date. For additional information, please contact us to speak with a customer service representative at 888-NORTH99 (888-667-8499).

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What if I can’t make my payment on the due date?

It is your responsibility to make your best effort to provide loan payments by the expected due dates. However, the good news is we make it easy for you to avoid penalties if you see you are going to have a problem making a payment. If you are unable to make your scheduled payment, please Contact Us at least two (2) business days prior to the date your payment is due. Our customer service representatives are here to help you get back on track, so please call.

Please note, you can schedule automatic electronic payments from your checking account or provide payment in one of the following forms (Money order, debit card or other form – please call us). If you do make a late payment, skip a payment, or a payment is returned to us, you may incur additional fees. NSF Fees are $30 and are charged if any payments bounce. Late Fees of $30 are charged if payments are not received within 2 days of the scheduled payment dates.

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Is this site secure? How will you protect my personal information?

Keeping your financial and personal information secure and confidential is a top priority at Northern Plains Funding. We transact all our loans on our secure SSL server. Please review our Privacy Policy page for complete details

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