Fast Cash Instant Approval Loans Rates & Terms

Loans from Northern Plains Funding offer you a way to get the cash you need to cover life’s little emergencies without the harsh repayment terms of a traditional payday loan. Unlike traditional payday loans that expect you to pay everything back plus finance charges and interest in one lump sum payment, our fast cash loans let you pay back what you owe with scheduled payments over time.

The following provides more information on the specific rates and terms that apply to our fast cash loans:

Loan Amounts

  • Minimum Loan Amount: $200
  • Maximum Loan Amount for First-Time Borrowers: $1000
  • Maximum Loan Amount for Returning Customers: $2,500

Loan Products

Northern Plains Funding currently offers a single loan product:


  • Level-Pay Installment Loans with amortization beginning on the first scheduled payment

Fee Summary

The finance charge applied to your loan will be clearly disclosed, both in terms of dollar amount of interest and APR (annual interest) on your loan agreement. We provide accurate and comprehensive fee disclosures on your loan agreement in accordance with the Federal Truth in Lending Law and other regulations. Late fees, NSF (non-sufficient funds) fees, and returned items fees may also be applied and are detailed in your loan agreement.


Level-Pay Installment Loan Amortization Table Example

The table below shows a sample amortization table for our level-pay installment loans so you can see how rates and interest might be applied to your loan. Please note rates, interest and terms will be tailored to each individual customer and may differ substantially from the example below. Your loan terms will be fully disclosed in your loan contract.

The sample amortization table below assumes a semi-monthly payment schedule, a $300 loan amount, and 15 days from the date of the loan to the first scheduled due date. Your schedule of payments, number of payments, finance fees, total payments and annual percentage rate may be different depending on several factors including your pay date frequency, your loan amount, your choice on the wire option, the date of the loan and whether or not you choose to prepay the loan or are ever late. Prior to loan closing and funding, you will be provided with a schedule of payments based upon your specific loan. APR and other terms will also be provided to you prior to loan closing and funding. Disclosures will be made according to federal truth-in-lending guidelines. Note – if you prepay the loan your finance fees may be substantially lower than the table below and we actively encourage you to prepay the loan as soon as your situation allows you to do so.

Loan Amount
of Payments
Finance Fees
Principal Payments
Percentage Rate
$300.00 24 $2,042.73 $300.00 $2,342.73 780%
Payment Number Beginning
Loan Balance
Fee Payment Due
Payment Due
Payment Due
Loan Balance
1 $300.00 $97.50 $0.11 $97.61 $299.89
2 $299.89 $97.46 $0.15 $97.61 $299.74
3 $299.74 $97.41 $0.20 $97.61 $299.54
4 $299.54 $97.35 $0.26 $97.61 $299.27
5 $299.27 $97.26 $0.35 $97.61 $298.92
6 $298.92 $97.15 $0.46 $97.61 $298.45
7 $298.45 $97.00 $0.62 $97.61 $297.84
8 $297.84 $96.80 $0.82 $97.61 $297.02
9 $297.02 $96.53 $1.08 $97.61 $295.94
10 $295.94 $96.18 $1.43 $97.61 $294.51
11 $294.51 $95.72 $1.90 $97.61 $292.61
12 $292.61 $95.10 $2.52 $97.61 $290.09
13 $290.09 $94.28 $3.33 $97.61 $286.76
14 $286.76 $93.20 $4.42 $97.61 $282.34
15 $282.34 $91.76 $5.85 $97.61 $276.49
16 $276.49 $89.86 $7.75 $97.61 $268.73
17 $268.73 $87.34 $10.28 $97.61 $258.46
18 $258.46 $84.00 $13.61 $97.61 $244.85
19 $244.85 $79.57 $18.04 $97.61 $226.81
20 $226.81 $73.71 $23.90 $97.61 $202.90
21 $202.90 $65.94 $31.67 $97.61 $171.23
22 $171.23 $55.65 $41.96 $97.61 $129.27
23 $129.27 $42.01 $55.60 $97.61 $73.67
24 $73.67 $23.94 $73.67 $97.61 $0.00

Note: To minimize the total cost of your loan, we strongly recommend taking steps to either pay off your loan off in-full or to pay as much as possible in order to reduce the principal (original debt incurred) as quickly as possible. Remember – there are no prepayment penalties.


Due Date Options

Your first payment is due on your following pay date. If that day happens to fall on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be due on either the business day immediately prior to or the business date immediately following; this will be specified in your loan agreement.

If you need to change your payment schedule for any reason, you must notify Northern Plains Funding at least two (2) business days prior to the next payment date you are scheduled to make.

You will be sent reminders via email outlining your due date options prior to the due date.


Funding Timeframes

Applications processed and approved before 8:00 PM (EST) on Monday through Friday are typically funded on the next business day. Applications received after 8:00 PM (EST) may take two (2) business days to clear your bank account, and may depend on the transfer timeframes of your bank.

If you need your money faster, you may request a same-day wire transfer up to 4:30 PM (EST) on Monday through Friday or next day wire transfer for loans processed on weekends or holidays for an additional $12. Please always remember to verify additional incoming wire service fees that may be assessed by your bank.



Late / NSF Fees

Late payments of loans may result in additional fees or collection activities, or both. Please review your loan contract for further information.


Consequences of Non-Payment

Non-payment of credit could result in collection activities and reporting to credit agencies which may adversely affect your abilities to borrow again. Please review your loan contract for further information.


Collection and Use of Bank Account Information

If we extend credit to a consumer, we will consider the bank account information provided by the consumer as eligible for us to process payments against. In addition, as part of our information collection process, we may detect additional bank accounts under the ownership of the consumer. We will consider these additional accounts to be part of the application process. We will consider these additional accounts to be a part of the application process for underwriting and verification purposes only. We always obtain prior separate customer authorization when trying to obtain additional customer bank account information as a potential payment option.